Welcome to go fight covid


A site managed by volunteers in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC region who are all working together for safety and survival of the most vulnerable population during the harrowing COVID-19 crisis. 

What do we do?


GoFightCovid is a user-friendly delivery service whose mission is to provide basic essential supplies to individuals and groups in the DC, Maryland, Virginia region. We specifically want to help out the most vulnerable populations who need help the most – the chronically ill, elderly, and disadvantaged population. GoFightCovid is both a website and an app platform where you can communicate to our volunteers what supplies you need the most when you need it, and we will deliver it to you, for FREE.  


Think of it as an Amazon Prime delivery or an UberEats delivery of goods straight to your door, privately funded by volunteers, at no cost to you.


Why are we doing this?


In this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, we wanted to contribute to the community by starting an app and website that would connect us to those in our community who are the most at-risk for contracting the disease. We cannot leave them behind. We wanted to do our part to contribute, meanwhile recognizing the need for safety and social distancing.

Currently, our volunteers shared financial resources are sufficient to where we can privately fund this effort with our own funding. We are currently working on partnering with local, regional leaders to expand our fleet of drivers, our resources, and partnerships so that resources go where it is needed the most.


How do I place an order?


Easy! Simply fill out the form located below, and we will be in contact with you to gather all the essential supplies you need. Once we’ve received your order, we will contact you to let you know that delivery is on its way. Our network of drivers will be delivering your goods to your door. If you have any special requests, please provide detailed instructions on how we can deliver so that we can fulfill it as best we can.

Online Request

Please use this site to send us a request of supplies in need.

Delivery of Supplies 

We will check with our volunteers and deliver supplies in need to you as quickly as possible.


Safety  Concerns

This service was created by our volunteers so you are able to social distance and reduce your risk of exposure to COVID-19.

What are considered essential supplies?

These are physical supplies that are needed to sustain your health and life for you and your loved ones. At the moment, we are working with the Frederick Rescue Mission to get all the supplies. 

    Request Supplies


    Use this form to request the supplies you need. We will do our best to fulfill the requests as fast as we can. We are happy to go grocery shopping for you or pick up things for you from different places. 

    Over the past days, we have received an overwhelming number of request. We are working around the clock to reach as many people as we can. We will enable the form again in the future, please, continue to check this website for updates. 

    Can I volunteer and contribute as well? 

    Absolutely. We are expanding our network of volunteers and have been reaching out to our local mayors, public schools, community leaders, and other humanitarians who are willing to chip in what they can. Please reach out to the contact us tab and share with us how you would like to help!

    Become a volunteer!

    Would you like to volunteer? Would you like to donate supplies? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to make our vision a success?

    Please, contact Gary at dlmgary@outlook.com or call us at (301) 473-0476

    We are working non-stop to help our communities.

    Thank you for your support!